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Often seen as a cost centre and a "it will never happen to us" type scenario,  disaster recovery and business continuity plans are vital to all businesses.


These scenarios do happen, and we are often called out to an emergency situation where something has gone wrong (flood/fire/tech failure) and the business has all its staff unable to work and no business operations are occurring

DR and BCP don't have to cost a lot.  Having some redundant items in your technology stack can be a simple way to guard against switch failure. A 3G backup for your ADSL/NBN connection can keep you running during an outage. 

Can your business keep operating during a power outage?  Will your IT equipment have the time to gracefully shut down via your UPS (uninterruptible power system), or will you lose data as if the power cable was removed suddenly?  

Does your server/storage use RAID (redundant array of inexpensive disks) to protect against disk failure?  

Do you have any backups ? Do the backups go offsite for safety?

Is your vital IT equipment under warranty or are spare parts no longer available?

How long does it take to actually restore your data if its in the cloud? Often it can take days and cost $$$ to restore cloud data, especially if you have a slow link to the internet. 

Let NMC help your business with a disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

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