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We offer a plethora of IT services and products, hardware, software, cloud, on premise, to all types of businesses in Melbourne.

Our Services

Our Services
Cloud Solutions

We can migrate Exchange and office to the cloud, set up backups to the cloud and provide support and maintenance for existing solutions ......

Managed IT Services

Need regular visits to keep your equipment humming along nicely?  We can help you !

Disaster Recovery

Plan for the worst, but sleep well knowing you can recover and keep your business operational if things go wrong.....

Mobile infill

Can't get mobile coverage ?  We provide mobile infill solutions for small to very large businesses, apartment buildings etc. for Telstra, Optus and Vodafone coverage.

Network Solutions

We specialise in network design and implementation. Layer 3 firewalls, wireless links, access point installations are

Specialist work

Have a tricky job that you need a specialist in to help with ? We can do that. 


Ready to find out more?

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